Saturday, March 14, 2009

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has a Twitter Experiment to follow BryanBrinkman and Celebrity Twitters wants you to follow who J-Fallon follows!

**Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Rose, Alex Albrecht & Russell Brand are TRYING TO MAKE regular guy, Bryan Brinkman, a TWITTER CELEBRITY! FOLLOW BRYAN BRINKMAN NOW!**

Jimmy wants to see if they can have BryanBrinkman have MORE FOLLOWERS
than President Barack Obama does on twitter! He went from 7 to almost 32,000 but it seems like it might take some time.... Interesting Jimmy Fallon Twitter Experiment nonetheless!

I shared moments with Jimmy Fallon, well just the bird calls was my only shared experience..
but it was an inner monologue bird call! Thanks James!

Why not do this experiement along with Bryan Brinkman...


Russell Brand rustyrockets / Russell Brand
You are following rustyrockets

Steve Saylor stevesaylor / Steve Saylor
You are following stevesaylor
David Wain davidwain / David Wain
You are following davidwain
Marc Liepis MRLiepis / Marc Liepis Icon_lock_sidebar
You are following MRLiepis
wtkrebsii wtkrebsii Icon_lock_sidebar
This user is protected. You have a pending follow request. (Cancel)
Milton Lee MiltonLee6 / Milton Lee
A.D. Miles 80miles / A.D. Miles
You are following 80miles
blouseybrown blouseybrown
You are following blouseybrown
Nick Gaulin ngaulin / Nick Gaulin
Nick Thune nickthune / Nick Thune
You are following nickthune
Joshua Fruhlinger fruhlinger / Joshua Fruhlinger
You are following fruhlinger
Joshua Topolsky joshuatopolsky / Joshua Topolsky
You are following joshuatopolsky
Mark Ghuneim mediaeater / Mark Ghuneim
Kodak Chief Blogger kodakCB / Kodak Chief Blogger
You are following kodakCB
Melanie Notkin SavvyAuntie / Melanie Notkin
Dean Hunt deanhunt08 / Dean Hunt
You are following deanhunt08
oliviamunn oliviamunn
You are following oliviamunn
palm_inc palm_inc
Funny or Die funnyordie / Funny or Die
You are following funnyordie

erinlarkin erinlarkin
Robin DeCato RobinDeCato / Robin DeCato

Follow Page 2 of Jimmy Fallon's Friends

Follow Page 3 of Jimmy Fallon's Friends

Following Experiment - Follow ALL of Jimmy Fallon's followed twitter users!
DO IT & Grow these people into INCREDI-twitters! It's my own Booky Wook but on the Web which is more my bag!


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